Kesen Technology has been giving machine production services for defence, construction machinery, automotive, construction and energy sectors since 1986.

Our company, which is manufacturing high quality products with its hi-tech machine park, has proven itself as a reliable company with its serious quality control structure and is in a leading position in its own sector in Turkey.

With a qualified and professional staff, our company can do manufacture 5.000 tons annually with three shifts a day and can increase production capacity if required.

Every level of production is fulfilled under control with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

Kesen Technology has strengthened its abilities with engineering services and R&D studies, also we have made up a principle to approach and conclude every business precisely.

  • To abide by the legal regulations and other necessities which are in legislation about occupational health and security.
  • To establish an occupational health and security system in our structure and make its performance getting better perpetually.
  • To obtain an ergonomic, healthy and safe working environment which prevents injuries and bad health by minimizing the risks about occupational health and security.
  • To give trainings to our employees for improving occupational health and security concious.
  • To obtain environment management system's performance getting better perpetually.
  • To obtain preventing contamination of air, soil, water and other natural surroundings.
  • To obtain refuse remainings and bor fluid remainings being evaluated as requested in legal regulations.
  • To obtain effective and planned usage for both of raw materials and energy sources.
  • To leave a livable environment to next generations.